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What's Happening Keansburg?!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Third Edition

Today’s Saturday edition celebrates fishing here in The Borough By The Bay!

Spring is here and the anglers are starting to return to the beaches.

Keansburg has some of the best Surf Fishing along the New Jersey Coast. The FishingBooker blog recently name the Keansburg Fishing Pier as one of the top 7 fishing piers in New Jersey!

According to “Cloudy days are great for fishing because the clouds cover sunlight. Water temperature controls the fishes body temperature and some functions including how much and when to eat. Clouds stop light penetration and make fish look more for food instead of hiding from bright sun.”

Here’s some good Fisherman talk....

4/5/21 reported: “Phil at the Tackle Box in Hazlet said the Raritan Bayshore was lit up with activity from Raritan River down through Belford and every day and night saw anglers into fish as they were spread out all along the shoreline. Some fish were pushing 20, 25 and even 30 pounds from the shoreline. Bloodworms of course worked doused in FinEssence oil, but pluggers tossing white swimmers and darters were also scoring big time with big fish.”

This weekend is looking like it will stay on the cloudy side so grab your rod and hit the beach or the iconic Keansburg Fishing Pier stretching almost 2000 feet out into the Raritan Bay.

If you get hungry grab a slice at Pizza "V" or a hot dog at the Olde Heidelberg.

Happy Hour as always is at Marina Inn!

- The Half Moon Team

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